Privacy Guard



Notary Privacy Guard®, designed by a Notary Signing Agent, is a new Notary Journal tool that prevents identity theft and mortgage fraud by blocking Non Public Personal Information (NPPI) from prying eyes. 

Effectively used by notaries in many fields of business; mortgage, law, banking, and medical. This is a vital tool and an integral part of corporate GLBA, HIPAA and NPPI compliance strategies. 

Compliance with the highest security standards require Notaries Public to use a Notary Privacy Guard®.

Prudent notaries keep a journal which contains client's private information, including physical addresses, signatures, drivers' license numbers, loan numbers, etc. 

Use of the Notary Privacy Guard®. not only protects the client, but also protects the Notary Public by limiting liability exposure for negligence and GLBA violations.

Notary Privacy Guard®. is THE solution to the problem of exposing clients' NPPI in this era of rampant identity theft and fraud. 

Product Specifications:
**   Leatherette Paper
**   Slips easily over Journal pages and stays in place
**   Assists with finding the active pages in the Journal