How We Got Started

Our goal is to provide a resource of hard to find security items needed by Notaries Public to keep the public's trust. In addition to verifying the identity of the person signing, our second goal is to detect and deter fraud. We have sought and used each of these items in our own daily practice since 1987. 

As fear of Identity Theft grows, the importance of security by Notaries Public also grows. We must be ever mindful of confidentiality, clear verification of persons, and securing our tools from loss. That is the goal of the important security products we offer. We welcome your request for new items too.  We love a challenge.

For the Signing Agents across the United States, we have found some very effective products to streamline your document work as well as your Journal entries if your state requires one. It will also save that wonderful appendage at the end of your arm that can suffer from writer's cramp upon occasion.

This is a company owned by Notaries for Notaries!