Notary Public Receipt Book



This numbered, receipt book provides you the Notary Public with all the essential information you would like to leave with a client. You don't need to carry a carbon as there is no carbon required.

It has a long self closing cover to keep all pages neatly confined.

Specific lines for the Notarization performed, Date, Notary Fees, Number of Signatures, Travel Fee, Supplies, and other fees. You will also find a place for Customer's Name, Address, Phone, to create a mailing list. You can also give information on the Journal page number with a place to sign and indicate how you were paid.

Each of these topics will make you more professional in the eyes of the clients you serve and efficient in handling the notarial situation.

The sturdy cover allows you to slip it into your Zippered Notary Pouch or Notary Travel bag without worry of it being lost or damaged. 

Product Specifications:
**   NCR 2-part forms
**   Tear-off perforations
**   Cover flap contains unused pages from being torn
**   Sturdy binding and covers make it very handy
**   Allows you to personalize it with your information for future business
**   The dating on the cover allows you to store it for tax purposes