Loose Certificate Attached



When there is no notarial wording but you are being asked to perform one, you will have to complete the Loose Certificate of their choosing. By stamping Certificate Attached on the original document, you let the receiving party know that one should be attached to the document in hand.

HINT: By filling out the Optional portion on the Loose Certificate it ties the document even closer to the original and protects the signer and the Notary.

State Name can save time when you are performing a signing. For those Notaries who have agreements with neighboring stated, you may need additional state names. The County name is an important part of the Venue. It shows exactly where in the state the document was signed. You may perform notarizations in several counties. By having one stamp for each can really make completing the notarial wording much simpler. No need to carry them all, just the ones where you are working that day.

Quite often documents ask for your typed Notary Name. Some signatures may be difficult to read for security purposes. By affixing your name stamp beneath your signature, it removes all doubt as to who you are. You may still need to enter the date by hand.

When you need to enter your Notary name and title, having a rubber stamp with that already on it can be quite handy. I have seen documents that only want your name and yet others want them both. Lining up 2 rubber stamps is quite tricky so by having it Name and Title all on one stamp looks better to the recording agency.

In 2015, California added a disclaimer box that is required on all notarial wording. It clearly explains what the does and does not do. The disclaimer box must appear above the Venue. Some documents from other states may have the correct Notarial wording but do not have the disclaimer box. That is why it is so handy to have a stamp that can be affixed right on the document if there is space, rather than stapling on a loose certificate.

It is a black self inking stamp that can be re-inked easily.

Exceptionally handy with loan/ mortgage documents 

Product Specifications:
**  Black self Inking - reinked easily
**  Light weight sturdy construction
**  Exceptionally handy with loan and mortgage documents